Entropy/IP: Uncovering Structure in IPv6 Addresses

P. Foremski, D. Plonka, A. Berger

This website is a Live Demo of Entropy/IP, our analysis system for sets of IPv6 addresses. The system employs Shannon's Entropy, Machine Learning, and Bayesian Networks to automatically discover, describe, and visualize structures in IPv6 addresses of Servers, Routers, and Web Clients. In addition, the system uses its models to generate candidate target addresses for scanning portions of the IPv6 Internet.

See the Sample Report Read the Paper (PDF) Source Code

Paper presented at the ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2016 in Santa Monica, USA (see slides)
and at the RIPE 74 meeting in Budapest, Hungary (see video recording).
See also: Clusters in the Expanse: Understanding and Unbiasing IPv6 Hitlists (ACM IMC 2018 in Boston).

Reports for Servers

Dataset S1 (Web Hosting)

Dataset S2 (Content Delivery Network)

Dataset S3 (Content Delivery Network)

Dataset S4 (Cloud Network)

Dataset S5 (many services)

Reports for Clients

Dataset C1 (a Mobile Operator)

Dataset C2 (a Mobile Operator)

Dataset C3

Dataset C4

Dataset C5

The above are reports for anonymized IPv6 addresses, collected from DNS, traceroute, and logs of a CDN.